About Our Appraisals

We provide online appraisals that comply with the professional standards of USPAP, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and the Appraiser’s Association of America.

Carla Young Fine Arts Appraisals LLC has extensive experience in providing:

  • A current appraisal of your art written by an appraiser who has high professional standards and qualifications, and who will provide you with an expert, non-biased report.
  • The appraiser has access to art price databases; auction and sales reports; an extensive library of research books and catalogs; contacts at national and international auction houses, galleries, and retail venues; and current information about market trends.
  • The appraiser is knowledgeable, thorough and diligent in research, appraisal writing, and methodology.

When your appraisal is complete, the valuations provided to you will be a source of useful information that goes beyond the current value of your art properties. You will be informed with detailed descriptions of the methods and comparisons used to determine the value your artwork, artist biographies, and other important data that is relevant and necessary for the specific type of appraisal that best fits your needs.

Pricing Information:

  • Charges are based on an hourly fee. Extra fees will be charged for additional expenses including consultations with experts.
  • Fees are not based upon the value of the art being appraised, nor are they based upon any agreement regarding consultation for brokerage services.
  • Proposals and estimates of time will be provided prior to an agreement with the client.

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